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    News Feature: "Survivor Filter PRO: Outdoor Emergency Trump Card"

    Jack Wilson from featured our Survivor Filter PRO in a recent article! 

    "It’s essential only to carry tried and tested products. These top-notch pieces of gear might become a lifeline in a desperate situation. Clean water, for instance, is the most basic thing to have during camping, hiking, or any other lengthy outdoor activity. But, how does one eliminate the need for carrying a space-consuming, heavy, and stale water supply? It’s simple: find a source of freshwater in the wild and filter it. Jack Wilson then goes into depth about our Survivor Filter PRO and gives his feedback with different features and specs. 


    Before you read it all, check out the Verdict! 


    The Survivor Filter PRO is a well-designed, lightweight, durable, and portable product that is easy to clean, disassemble, and assemble. It provides a reasonable water flow, as well as produces crystal clear and safe water in a very accessible manner. All in all, it’s the perfect item to have on a long hiking trip, a camping weekend or just as an emergency backup in case of an unfortunate event. 





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