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Survivor Filter Tactical Hydration Backpack - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this backpack waterproof? 

Great news! The SURVIVOR FILTER Tactical Hydration Backpack is specially designed to be water proof and withstand tough outdoor conditions. With a waterproof lining on both sides of the backpack, this bag is sure to help your supplies stay dry!

2. Is this backpack good for hiking and running? 

The SURVIVOR FILTER Tactical Hydration Backpack has been designed for rugged outdoor use. All of the Buckles, Tension Locks and Triglides are UTX Flex by Duraflex and we specially designed the shoulder and waist straps to be extra-strong and durable! PLUS, the extra padding on the back and the shoulders allows you to wear for hours without discomfert. All of this allows for a great experience while hiking, running or enjoying the great outdoors. 

3. How do I ensure the cap closes properly without leakage?

For the cap to close properly and to ensure watertight sealing of the Survivor Filter Reservoir without leakage, you need to push down the cap connector threading and plastic clear O-Ring that goes around the threading, until both pieces are properly at the bottom of the reservoirs threading that connect to the cap. Then we recommend filling with water, closing the cap and pushing gently on the reservoir to make sure no water comes out of the cap. If it does, then you need to re-adjust the cap connector and the clear O-Ring that goes around the threading to make sure it is in the proper location as described. We recommend doing this when you receive the product and making sure it is all connecting right before you take in the field. Once this is done properly the first time, this should be ready to go every time going forward.