Adopting a strong sense of discipline for protecting and preserving nature, akin to a military attitude.

A reminder from Survivor Filter to conserve our most precious resource.

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Actve All Terrain
Filtration Bottle

Say goodbye to chlorine, microplastics and more!
Meet the Top-Rated Virus and Heavy Metal Water Filter

Proven 0.01 micron protection against tested virus, bacteria, and parasites while reducing most metals and improving water taste. 20x more efficient than it's competitor and unmatched in filtration

USB and Battery-Powered Portable Water Filter

Simply tap the button and watch as it produces 17 ounces per minute of clean water, removing 99.999% of tested virus, heavy metals, bacteria and parasites

Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit
Personal Water Filter Straw & Canteens

The only straw filter that can be taken apart and cleaned/replaced. Use as a squeeze system with the included canteens or drink directly from the source.

American Made Solution

Drink your tap water safely.