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Survivor Filter was created following our founder’s former career consulting on military operations alongside the US in troubled hot zones. Through these experiences he witnessed firsthand the global water crisis and the importance of providing better technology to access clean water in any environment.

He came to understand that water is no longer something we humans can take for granted, especially as it is slowly becoming the most precious commodity on the planet, even more than oil. This is why Survivor Filter was created to provide every person with access to clean, drinkable water in any environment.

Survivor Filter has grown into a global venture with customers from all over the world who use our water filters for camping, hiking, outdoor activities, travel or staying prepared! We are passionate about bringing people access to clean water with our high-quality water filtration systems and are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We back all our products with an unbeatable warranty and a no hassle Money Back Guarantee.

We love hearing from our customers, especially about their travels and adventures with our products. This is why we encourage you to engage with us through Social Media!