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    Survivor Filter is proud to announce that we have recently completed tests on our Survivor Filter and our Survivor Filter PRO units at Intertek Labs in Columbus Ohio which show that our products have been Tested to filter E.Coli (Bacteria), Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Phi-X174 (Virus) to the highest lab certifiable level of 99.9%.

    For the Virus Testing, the lab recommended that we use the World Health Organization's (WHO) standard choice for Walter Filtration Viral Testing, PhiX-174 as the benchmark. For a better explanation on why the PhiX-174 Virus is recommend as the test standard by the WHO for Viral Filtration, the WHO report can be found here: WHO Water Testing Report, particularly the section on page 6 which discuss Enteric Viruses in water and explain how they recommend testing with PhiX-174 to determine the validity of Water Filters to Filter Viruses.

    We are proud to show that our products are the only portable filters on the market today that show filtration of a Virus from a certified North American Lab. Our products also with their Absolute Micron rating starting at 0.05 (Survivor Filter) and going all the way to 0.01 (Survivor Filter PRO) Microns, easily blocks out Protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium) in accordance with the CDC Guides ( requiring an Absolute Micron filter rating of 0.1.


    To see the report, Please click here. 


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