SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter
SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter - Survivor Filter

SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO X Electric Survival Filter

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Introducing the World's First Portable Electric Water Filter that can be used with any plug, mobile charger or 2-AA batteries. The Electric Survivor Filter PRO X uses the same filtering technology that you know and love from Survivor Filter PRO.

The PRO X produces 500 ml of water per minute (17 oz/minute) at the push of a button. With two-AA Alkaline Batteries, depending on the brand, the unit should run up to 360 liters (95 gallons) of filtered water.

Tested at Multiple USA labs to show:
  • Log 5 Removal 99.999% of Protozoa (Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Parasites)
  • Log 5 Removal 99.999% of tested Virus (Phi X-174), Staph and Bacteria
  • 99.5% Mercury and 93% Lead Removal which matches or exceeds most home systems


Stage 1: Ultra Filter Pre-Filter

First, contaminated water passes through the 0.1 Micron Pre-Filter that acts like a barrier to help remove algae, giardia, e.coli, protozoa and cryptosporidium. The Pre-Filter can be back washed and reused up to 100,000 liters.

Stage 2: Carbon Filter
Then the water moves through the Carbon Filter - located inside the device, the Carbon Filter is designed to help reduce heavy metals, chemicals and pollutants by absorbing the contaminants. The Carbon Filter can be cleaned and reused up to 2,000 liters.

Stage 3: Internal Ultra Filter
Finally, water passes the final Internal Ultra Filter. Independent tests have shown that the 0.01 Micron Ultra Filter can filter out 99.999% of tested virus and staph. The Ultra Filter can be easily back washed and reused up to 100,000 liters.


Product SKU#: L800

Replacement Filter SKU#:

  • Pre-Filter: L610-PF
  • Carbon Filter: L610-CF
  • Ultra Filter: L610-UF
  • Hoses and Pre-Filter Kit: L610-UPK


  • Pre-Filter: up to 100,000 liters (26, 417 gallons)
  • Carbon Filter: up to 2,000 liters (528 gallons)
  • Ultra Filter: up to 100,000 liters (26, 417 gallons)

Flow Rate:  500 ml per minute (17 ounces/minute)

Battery Life: 

  • AA Batteries: Lasts up to 6 hours on 2 AA-batteries supplied, equivalent to 360 liters (95 gallons) in very dirty water and 442 liters (117 gallons) of water in clearer water conditions.
  • Wall Outlet: Compatible with standard wall plug with a Input AC of 100-240V and output of 5V 1000mA. Lasts indefinitely (until filters need to be replaced) when plugged directly to a power source
  • Power Bank: Compatible with any 120-240v external power bank

Size: 4.2 x 2 x 6.4"

Weight: 13.75 oz

    Environmental Requirements: 

    • Operating ambient temperature: 5° to 25° C (41° to 77° F)*
    • Non operating temperature: 0° to 27° C (32° to 80° F)*


    • Electric Survivor Filter PRO X
    • 1x 6ft Micro USB Cable
    • 1x USB Wall Charger, Ultra Compact Single Port 5.0V-100mA Output (Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz)
    • 1x Ultra Filter Pre-Filter
    • 1x Carbon Filter
    • 1x Internal Ultra Filter
    • 1x Inlet Silicone Hose, 7/32" ID x 3.25-ft
    • 1x Outlet Silicone Hose, 7/32" ID x 1-ft
    • 1x Hose Clip
    • 1x Carrying Case
    • 1x Back-washing Syringe, 1/4" ID
    • 1x User Manual

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    Testing was performed to show the effectiveness of virus (PhiX174), bacteria (e.coli and staph), parasite (cryptosporidium and giardia) and heavy metal removal, according to NSF/ANSI Standards. The Survivor Filter PRO and Electric PRO X showed a log 5 reduction and removed 99.999% in viral, bacterial and parasite pathogens.
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      What makes our filters top rated? The difference is in the specs.

      Superior Filtration Outdoors

      The only portable water filter on the market that shows filtration of a Virus from a certified North American lab. Designed to filter out harmful bacteria, chemicals and parasites found outdoors.

      Gold Seal Certified at Home

      Tested to meet the highest industry standards for water quality, our home filters remove 99.9% of municipal tap water contaminants, all while leaving essential minerals untouched.

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