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Survivor Filter PRO - Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the Flow Rate for this Product?

The Survivor Filter PRO boasts a Super-Fast Flow rate of 500ml (17 ounces) per minute. Other popular filtration systems have a flow rate half that. A slow flowing filter can become frustrating when used for extended periods of time. When water flow through the Ultra Filter becomes reduced, then it’s time to remove the Ultra Filter for cleaning or replacement. To clean the Ultra Filter, follow the supplied instructions to disassemble the SURVIVOR FILTER PRO, filter and back flush by running clean fresh water through the filter in the opposite direction, then re-install and you are good for more use. If flow rate is still reduced, this is a sign that you will need to order a new carbon filter replacement. 

2. How many gallons can the SURVIVOR FILTER PRO process before cleaning or replacement of the filters is needed?

The Ultra Filter Pre-Filter and the Inter can be reused up to 100,00 liters (26,417 gallons) before they should be replaced. The Carbon Filter can be re used up to 2,000 liters (528 gallons) before being replaced. The filters can be cleaned and/or replaced when you start to notice that the flow rate of your filter is decreasing and you have already tried cleaning and backwashing (see below for more information about backwashing your filter) with no improvement to the flow rate. More frequent cleaning or replacement may be necessary depending on the quality of the water being filtered. 

3. How do I clean the Survivor Filter PRO?

Cleaning the filter elements of the Survivor Filter PRO is a quick and simple process. The Ultra Filter Pre-Filter and the Internal Ultra Filter can both be cleaned with vinegar and even soaked in vinegar for 20 minutes. You can then rinse them and flush clean filtered water through them either from your tap or with water that has already been filtered by the Survivor Filter PRO. The Carbon Filter can be rinsed with clean water but should not come in contact with vinegar as this can damage the carbon element. Cleaning the Ultra Filter Pre-Filter and internal Ultra Filter after each trip greatly extends their life. Make sure to also completely air dry the filter elements before placing them in storage. 

4. What is "backwashing" and how can it be done?

Backwashing your filter can be done when you start to notice the flow rate of your filter decreasing. A slow flow rate can be caused by small particles blocking the Ultra Filter Pre-Filter. Backwashing flushes water back the opposite way through your filter to dislodge particles that are slowing down your filter. Have a look at the video below for detailed backwashing instructions. 



5. How is the SURVIVOR FILTERPRO disassembled?

he Instruction Manual supplied with the SURVIVOR FILTER™ PRO provides detailed instructions on how to remove, clean, replace and re-assemble the SURVIVOR FILTER™. Please take care to follow these instructions. Please do contact us if you have any questions, our support team is always here to help.   

6. Where can replacement filters for the SURVIVOR FILTER™ be purchased?

Replacement filters are available right on our website! 

Carbon Filter: http://www.survivorfilter.com/collections/survivor-filter-regular-price-replacements/products/carbon-filter-pro-series

Internal Ultra Filter: http://www.survivorfilter.com/collections/survivor-filter-regular-price-replacements/products/ultra-membrane-filter

Ultra Filter Pre-Filter and Upgrade Kit: https://www.survivorfilter.com/collections/survivor-filter-regular-price-replacements/products/survivor-filter-pro-100-000-liter-cleanable-backwashable-pre-filter-upgrade-kit